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What is Magnetic Therapy?

The history behind Magnetic Therapy

1. What are Magnetic Fields?

A magnet produces a force which pushes and pulls, depending on an objects charge. This force is what creates the magnetic field at all points in the space around the magnetised object. It cannot be seen or touched by conventional means so a good way to show it is to put the positive pole of a magnet towards positively charged iron filings, interestingly this will repel and arrange the filings to show the lines of the field. These fields are everywhere, in different strengths and sizes invisible to the human eye.

2. Where do they come from?

Magnetic fields are a vital part of every day life on our planet. Natural magnetism is generated by the earth's outer core's movement. This outer core, which is a 2000km layer of the earth, consists mainly of iron and nickel. These materials moving in liquid form create an electric current which in turn generates a huge magnetic charge and releases it constantly. The vast amount of material and size of the event produces a staggeringly colossal magnetic field which covers our entire planet. The earth's magnetism also protects us from harmful energies produced by our sun such as solar wind.

3. What are they used for?

Early navigation techniques were developed (around 1200AD) by the Chinese in which devices were used to help pinpoint the navigator's location and where they needed to go. The little piece of magnetically charged metal, used as a compass, would be suspended so that it could move freely to align with the earth's magnetic field. This technique is still used all over the world today but now we also now know that we are not the only creatures that use this technique.

4. Do these fields affect animals?

It was discovered that animals can tap into the Earth's magnetic field and actually utilise it for their very survival! This is the reason a bird can migrate south for the winter without even being taught how by its mother. This is also how animals such as fish, tortoise, sharks and whales can travel thousands of miles across and around oceans without becoming lost. Even flies have magnetic properties in their eyes so that they can determine whereabouts they are. 

It is theorised that anomalies in the planet's magnetic field is also the reason why whales tend to beach themselves- it confuses their biological global positioning system and drives them onto our shores- an example of how magnetic fields are heavily relied upon and also how they can affect the behaviour of living things. 

It is even thought humans possess this same magnetic affinity that is found in animals: 

"Animals' magnetic sense is thought to rely on special proteins called cryptochromes, which are also found in the human retina. While past behavioral research has suggested humans can't sense magnetic fields, with studies showing such a capability remaining controversial, there is evidence that geomagnetism affects the light system in our eyes." - (quoted from a Live Science article).

5. Why are there magnets in our bracelets?

Whilst the Chinese formed the early techniques of navigation using magnets, they had been using magnets as a form of treating ailments and illnesses as far back as 200BC. 

Magnetic therapy still survives today and thrives as western countries are growing in the adoption of eastern alternative treatments. The popularity is at an all time high, rising in powerful nations such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America (with $300 million dollars spent on it each year). 

The promoters of magnetic therapy say that magnets can be an effective treatment for aches and pains such as arthritis. Users of magnetic bracelets have also famously claimed that this form of therapy/medicine has indeed kept cured or at least eased their arthritis. This is arguably the most influential reason as to why sales of magnetic bracelets have soared over the past decade, with many standing by it as a practical treatment. 

The main purported use of magnetic bracelets are on the improvement blood flow in underlying tissues which is why the magnets are used in bracelets. These would fix around the wrist close to a main vein, bone and blood tissue and said to regulate it all with a magnetic field. 

Recent studies of Magnetic pulse therapy has also shown to ease depression in a third of patients it was tested on. Read more on this here

6. How strong are the magnets in Willis Judd bracelets?

In our bracelets, we have embedded 3000 Gauss magnets. Gauss is the measurement in which the force of magnetism is measured, and we here at Willis Judd are proud of the strength of our magnets. 

These are the strongest magnets we could embed into our jewellery and we chose this amount of strength because we wanted to be able to create a high quality magnetic bracelet.

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